family always comes first.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Friday : went to Seremban with Tong. :) met a few teachers (bising bilik guru tu sbb mereka mengatakan aku and Tong dah tembam, haih), ustazahs and juniors. serious aku rasa juniors semua dah jemu tgk k.ezzati datang college. haha! jumpa ustazah and discussed pasal Mlat punya program. sembang dengan ramai juniors. juniors semua dah la peramah. haha. dulu semua senyap, ckp pon segan. sekarang tidak lagi :) cs kecik dan kanak2 yang dulu kecik gila, sekarang semua dah f5. how time flies. ok, lupa nk mention, Tong jumpa cs kecik dia setelah 3 tahun! :)

Saturday : teman Abah pergi Seremban ambil report card Wann. sekali lagi. ya, Seremban, tepat sekali :) met Myra with her sister, Kharina, second former. met Jasmin Munchar, my starter back then in tkc. sekarang dah keluar college dah pon, batch 0408. cheh,tiba-tiba terasa mcm sudah tua, sangat. haha.

Wann seperti biasa, sayangkan baby. i love that baby too. Khalid. comel gila ok. Baie's brother's son. too bad Khalid xreti senyum for the camera. haha. tp comel gila!

malam tu pegi tgk Adah main anklung (i dun know the exact spelling anyway) for her school's malam amal. Ummi was the MC that night. as the only sibling left at home, mcm xsampai hati utk tak ikut Abah, Ummi and Adah pergi dinner tu. Abang Sin? cari la dia kat Klang. sigh.

Sunday : went to Shah Alam to visit my nenek. she'll be going for umrah with my Acu and Mak Su. my friends once told me that my nenek's face masa muda-muda, zaman pegi mengaji bersama rakan-rakannya sebijik like mine. (diorang pernah tgk this one picture of nenek zaman muda-muda dulu) haih. BUT now, since my face is so tembam, dah tidak serupa. apakah? haha!
went back to Cheras around 9pm and singgah Q Bistro, my Abah's fav place. :) the chances of spending your whole weekend seeing your family members and be with them during their important occasions is amazing.
not to forget, spending your day with your batchmate is totally cool. you better try. :)



In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.
Anthony J. D'Angelo

entah bila lagi boleh jumpa.

Oh Allah, pls take good care of my bestie. kerana aku percaya sebaik-baik penjagaan, adalah penjagaan yang ada keredhaan-Mu ya Allah.

she's one of the nicest things I can have in this wide whole world.glad our paths crossed, Dol.

New Semester ; Bermula. :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

new semester. new room. wuhuu. :)
great great.

except for the fact yang para kucing tu suka kacau!
geram gila. takot pon ada. sigh.
my roomie was kind enough tadi utk temankan pergi toilet.
dia attract attention kucing and barulah boleh pergii toilet.

Geometry agak meroyan. masih slow utk first class.
i love origami but when it comes to fold kertas A4 kosong
tu rasa mcm tak best. hahaha.
Mdm LLH tu suka kat Didieyy. haha!

kelas seronok. fabulous mcm biasa. :)
terima kasih B7 kerana dekat.

i miss home. after 3 weeks of hols, rasa mcm heaven gila
duduk rumah, lepak-lepak. huhu.
bila dah start sem ni, rasa malassss.
ini serius. tambahan pula (cheh), ada pj.
aku and KB still rasa tak percaya dengan kenyataan
bahawa larian itu perlu. haha.

it's good to meet your complete set of gfs. :)
it's good to know, there are always rooms for you to pergi di kala
sepi. haha. ok, this is sentimental.
sangat boleh semput kalau berlari-lari naik tangga nk pergi melawat
para kekanda di atas sana. :)
oh and it's so good to know that actually, you've got everything
in life except for that one thing.
tp itu bukan alasan utk tidak hidup gembira. :)
KB and Elley, i love that conversation, very much.
it gives me one new perspective in life :)
kadang2 kita tak realize apa yang kita dah ada.

:) and normally we tend to find reasons to say yang kita tak
complete dan sebagainya.
our friendship is more than enough, darlings.


life should be so simple. and i want to make it even simpler.


Holidays ; Berakhir.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

hols were great. yes, this is serious. i enjoyed every second i've spent. be it with my parents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunties, mak and ayah, besties, knights, seniors, juniors, gfs and friends. :)

piala perdana menteri. bukit merbah visit. kenduri doa selamat at kuala pilah. kpm concert. siblings' outing. wind orchestra competition.

oh not to forget, i met Sap, my adinda with his gf, Shira. huhu. kids nowadays. ada hati langkah bendul. haha. Sap is a year older than me but being very childish, he's now my adinda.

TKC wind orchestra won 1st. Abah gembira la, her fav daughter menang 1st, final year Wann anywayyy. congratulations. proud of you, Wann. vi'm ery proud of the kids, seriously. bm and english debate should win mcm ni. gembira ohkayy!. :)

my new sem starts tomorrow. excited? a bit. can't wait to meet my complete set of gfs, sengal classmates, roomie, dan semua-semua lah. looking forward for more dramas in cheras (cheh), but this time i don't think i want to be part of it. i just want to watch.

looking forward for more visitors. they made my days back then in semester one dulu. i love their presence very much. ;)

every semester has its own story and i hope this new semester gives me more keriangan. :) entah lah, i just feel that i should have more reasons to smile. haha.

rasa mcm lagi seronok kalau cuti tambah lagi semingggggguuu. :( havent pack a thing. sigh. sedih pulak bila ingat B210 is no longer my room. sobs.

yang penting nak hidup gembira, enough said. :)

Lifesaver, Sister, Girlfriend :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

another sister of mine turns 20 years old today. she's my kak long. not the eldest among us all but still, mmg ada kak long material.

a lifesaver, an advisor, a sister, a girlfriend.

Happy Birthday Nurul Shafawati Ghazali. :)
just so you know that you mean a lot to me. 2 years of friendship and i hope it is for eternity :))
thank you for everything. thank you for every smile you brought to my life.thank you for being a good advisor at times needed. thank you for being so understanding. thank you for being a very cool sister. :)
all the love in the world, adinda :))


Eysamudennn turns 20. :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

selamat hari jadi. 20 itu tidak semuda 19. haha. 2 dekad sudahh.
ex jppmate. classmate pra. classmate lagi. kelab ks.
semoga sentiasa dirahmati Allah. stay the sengal you.
Happy 20th Birthday, Eysamudddddennnn-G.
friends eternally.


And I Still Sing My Song.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. i am so happy to know that my Adinda Sap's back in Malaysia. he called me this evening and said he bought something nice from hello kitty shop in taiwan masa transit from canada to malaysia. wuuu. :)

2. Atok and Opah ada kat rumah sbb ada check-up kat ppukm on wednesday. Opah cooked sedap sangat and i ate like there's no tomorrow. i've gained weight and i dun feel bad about it. haha.

3. rindu origami and i need origami papersss la ryte now. my origami box ada kat store, nun di cheras sana. nak pegi kinokuniya. nk beli origami papers yang cantikkk. huhu.

4. nk tergelak bila Elley kata "cuti ni ada sesi call mengecall tak". haha. sengal. sah2 la ada sayang. tunggu credit i banyak okayh. tp yang penting akan call punyalah. :)

5. terjumpa 2 orang classmates 6 kenanga sekolah kebangsaan jalan tiga. haha. zulfadhli and amir. :) nama je dok bangi sekali, tp tak jumpa pon. sekali terserempak, baru la mcm jakunn. haha.

when we dun expect too much in life, we tend to be more grateful.

Happy 21st Birthday Digha. :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

we've been through so many events together..
larian mesra, sports day, drama, karaoke, bowling outing, pj,
outings to everywhere..
oh everything!
i had lots of fun, i am sure u guys felt the same too.
remember our first few months in cheras last two years? :)
old time memories. we enjoyed Mr Burn class very much kan?
we were living in the same dorm for the whole one semester.
outing setiap kali abes paper maths. i miss those days. :')
glad our paths crossed. :) remember laksamana sem II?
i am more than happy to be right there beside you sebelum lari.
all out bersenam robik kat bilik Budi bagaii demi Encik G.
hahaha. :))

Digha, one of my dearest gfs turns 21 today. :)
Happy Birthday Darling. glad our paths crossed.
being the smallest among us all, she's actually the eldest. :)
may you be blessed.

it's all about fabulosity :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

tuition classes.

block budii :)

semester 1 in memory.


You'll Make It Through The Pain.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

after 6 months of suffering and meroyan-ing tak tentu pasal,
now i am back to normal. enough said. coz i've
been thinking too much on that matter.
now i realized that it's good for nothing.
it's better for me to stop thinking about that
and start to appreciate things around me.

i miss being the normal me.

sem 1 has come to an end. how time flies.
sem 1 degree ni is the fastest so far.
tak sedar pon dah abes sem.
ni serious ni.

i've lived my life to the fullest during my days in sem 1.
with the sengal friends around.
with the loyal gfs everytime i need listeners.
cool classmates. faithful roomie. caring sisters.
what more do i need?
i'm grateful.

got visitors. one in march. another one in may.
they made my day.
it's good to have the chances of
meeting your old friends. :)
especially when you're sad and need someone
to accompany.

too many things happened.
KW hidup riang ;)
KT hidup riang juga ;)
KB dengan kes toreh. 450D kesayangannya. :)
Elley dengan kemeriahan bilik and my diskusi partner
on certain interesting matters. haha.
Digha hidup riang plus one white satria.
Tong dengan title jpp 09, jai ho jai ho :))

i'm happy to see them enjoying their life.

although some of us ada yang dah xserapat dahulu kala
but then i believe that friends are forever.
jauh di mata, dekat di hati. :)

at least, they're always there these four semesters.
thank you very much.

at times i feel lonely, i know i always
have ZN to text. she's just an sms away.
although i need to master bahasa kedah sket2
just to make the conversation clearer,
i dun mind. :) biar salah sekalipun, i'm happy
to share thoughts and listen to what she wanna say.

Skemm is nun di Gombak sana but i still
can feel her presence everytime she texts asking
about my life. i miss youuu dol.

my first semester has come to an end. 7 more sems
to go and i'd love to have them around lagi coz they complete me.
kawan sampai tua kan? :)

it's true that i've been thinking too much about someone.
the gfs and sengal friends pon sure boleh teka.
but then, i guess now not anymore.
:) six months tu pon dah cukup lama weyy.
lembikk gila asyik sensitive these past few months.
sekarang tidak lagi :))


memories memories. Piala Perdana Menteri.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Piala Perdana Menteri. it has a significant meaning in my life. this answers why aku sedih gila masa nk blah balek rumah after 4 hari berkampung. :(

BM : 2nd match kalah dengan Stf. that's it. that's the end of this year's journey. the kids were great, seriously. Ani, Che Pi, Shifa and nawal will make a very good combination next year, insyaAllah. Nisha needs to say bye to her debating career and a big hi to spm.

BI : 1st match kalah dengan Kisas. too bad coz the three speakers were really good. Arina and Tammy did a very good job. :) Natashya, Dahlia, Mar and the other kids will do great next year, that's for sure. :) coz my P pres will always be there to train them. :))

Basketball : 3rd place baby 3rd place :) ter-asah semula segala cheer songs yang agak dah lama tak nyanyi. haha. :) i had fun with the girls who came to support the kids. :)

for your information, once dah kalah satu dalam group (bm and english debate), it's impossible for you to continue the journey for knock-out round and so on unless there's school juga yang kalah. itu pon kena tgk points dulu.

nvmind kiddos. we're so proud of u guys. tp next time perlu menang weyh :)
perjuangan Rokiah Siwo belum tamat.

setelah sekian lama tak jumpa Qern, finally i got to see her in Cyberjaya. she came to support the kids juga :) Kak Na, Kak Nana (0004) and Kak Aliza (9600) pon datang. Nanie (0408), my fav junior came to save my day. :) not to forget, my P club pres yang sentiasa ada di kala ppm since 2003 lg. yes, she's very committed :) that's why the english debate kids love her very much ;)

my batchmates, knights sekalian. :) some of them came to support the kids :) Lenn, Farr, Ana, AyneeBo and Didy. Ayie, Deyn and Fiqss came as well on the next day. cs-cs besar nk tgk cs-cs kecik. oh how sweet. :)

our cs-cs kecik pon dtg. it's good to see some familiar faces around. semua dah besar. maturer. :) i got to meet my starters and cs kecik as well. ppm mcm jejak kasih pulak. haha.

jumpa my lil brother, Farid. setelah sekian lama. rinduu. he's the only lil bro i have :) 3 years and still counting. :))sembang with other debatemates who came to support juniors masing-masing. Harin, Fendy, Cash just to name a few. jumpa Azman Sipot, he's one of Anne's juniors. Integomb. dulu pernah training sama-sama. he was only f2 dulu. sekarang dah besar and tinggi. oh how time flies. same goes to ZN's reserve back then in 2006, Ayie Cucuk.

Anne came with her Farhan Haziq. Syafiq Musa and other Sas 0206's debaters came as well. Zuely si jiran pon dtg with her brother nk tgk her Seseri juniors. jumpa Myra juga, well, obviously dia pon datang utk support her Semesti juniors. :) semua orang sayang juniors masing-masing kan? :)

i am more than happy to see all of them. i am happy to get the chance utk tgk the kids in action. :') ppm has its own memories in my life. i've learnt a lot. teamwork, friendship, sisterhood. a lot. :') thank you Allah, i'm grateful for every single thing i have now :)

i miss my teammates dan zaman dahulu kala di kala ada debate training during weekends. wuhuu.
Mckenn and Qern : kita perlu jumpa sebelum anda-anda terbang nun jauh ke mana-mana.