Sunshine Sunshine.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

tq KT teman pegi clinic, and Pahh for the ride.
i'm now sedang berhadapan depan lappy kesayangan
with 3 types of ubat air.

i cant swallow pills.
except pill biru ubat hukm
yang dah mkn sejak darjah 3,
itu sahaja yang boleh telan.

pernah rasa masa telan ubat biji tu,
tiba2 terlupa how nk telan?
and takut.

my pidato is on tomorrow tp kepala pening gila.
giliran ke 22. blame Papa Radzi. although it's not his fault,
22 tu sangat lambat okaii.
tp nk blame jugakk.
bnyk benda lah.

i need strength. may Allah bless me.
i'll do my very best.

anyway, 38 degrees suhu badan.
tekak bengkak, kot.
ntah tak berapa nk dengar td.
pening kepala.
sengal otot (ini mungkin terlalu aktif pada hari Isnin
yang lalu).

siap dpt surat rujukan to hukm if
selsema for ujian saringan h1n1.

tu pon tak cukup lagi for Papa to at least
consider my condition.

nvmind, i'll do what i can do esok.

people, pls pray for me.
for both, my health and my pidato.

chup, mind adding lagi satu?
pray for my happiness.


there's no need to rush.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

okaii. Kak N has a total
different life from me.

missing exroomie?
yes i do.
i miss the late night talk
dan segala.
i've been keeping the sadness
of being far from my ex-roomie,
td terkeluar segala before
assembly bermula.

i'm fine.
ex-roomie, pls take good care of yourself.

si Bestie dah hantar the text fully made by him
fresh from Cameron Highlands,
last Saturday.
tq KW for printing the text for me.

and i'm here masih bertungkus lumus hafal.
hafal mengahafal segala ni is not
included in my career.
but for the sake of si Bestie
for the time spent buatkan
text. si R yg still believe in me
that this new career runs in my vein,
for the sake of gfs yang selalu ada.
classmates yang selalu bg moral support


i sucked in hafalan, but i'll try my best.
Ummi and Abah kata buat sahaja.
si Petbro, F texted wishing good luck and all.
my siblings know their KakTi is having
a hard time menghafal here in Cheras.

what more do i need?
i need to believe in myself.

people say Monday is always
a Black Monday.
dulu mcm xpercaya, but today
i think i shud start to believe.
well for now that is.

oh lupa, i went to tasik temaning KB
doing things she liked.
ptg td.
other gfs ada hal lain so i guess
to teman KB adalah

i had fun menghafal kat tasik.
minus the nyamuk, the kekotoran kerusi
and other few things.

gfs, TQ for being there to advise and listen.
malu la nk jumpa pkcks burger after this.

i'm fine.

sat lagi block meeting.
sounds boring?


The Day Has Come.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

today's Saturday.
i had fun with the girls semalam.
it's nice to get the chance of meeting
your dearest batchmate yang sengal.
Tong and I enjoyed yesterday's outing very much.

balek from LM, Elley told me about Miss R
mengamuk dekat blok asking why my roomie
and the others tak pindah lagi.
the results?
they need to berpindah-randah by today.
yes, i'll get a new roommate.

called Abah last night telling him about
this perpindahan.

i have no comment, life's difficult enough.
i dun want to make it more complicated.

i'll go with the flow.
because i believe that there's always hikmah
di kemudian hari.


Skemm Si Bestfriend texted me informing about
her life.
oh Allah, pls take good care of my bestfriend.
pls make her stronger.

i'll b going out with my parents today.
teman Adah beli baju kat Gombak.
this is a very good therapy for me.
at times like this,
where i havent completed my text,
my roomie tukar bilik,
bnyk kerja, kadangkala meroyan dan
to get the chance of seeing your parents and share
all the problems u have
is the most wonderful thing on earth.

i'm grateful.


We'll Never Be Worlds Apart.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

a beautiful Jumaat starts with a smile.

went for gerko bola jaring.
enjoyed the game very much
although i sucked big time.
it has been setahun setengah dah tak maen
so i guess it's a good start anyway.
at least all of us were willing to try.
lawak laa.

jumpa Ustaz Muaaz for BIG discussion.
my girls came as well and everything has settled.
seriously, the event that HEP chose for us to attend
tu tidak menarik langsungg.
takpe lah. dah takde masa dah.
SBE's coming. and this time with Nemo and Digha.
tp rumah Digha ada kucing. so how am i going to survive?
haha. hope Gha tak bawak Chacha dalam bilik. kalau tak
nnt berdansa berlari-larian lah aku nmpknya.
anyway, takut kucing is not a sin ohkaii. =D

baru kemas bilik after a tiring week.
menyapu, vacuum carpet. buang habuk, arrange things
accordingly,basuh kain, sidai. susun kasut.
ketip kuku, susun ubat-ubatan, semua-semualah.
okaii u can name today as hari suri rumah. :)

cant wait for Musseyh to come.
Musseyh, Tong and I ada date.
leisure mall, movie : harry potter.
nice one baby.
it's been a while since we last met padahal
ilmu khas to teknik sangatlah sekangkang
anak kera.
i miss the good old days when all of us masih di Bukit
Merbah, bermain, menjerit bersama-sama.
i'm sure there are lots of things can be discussed by
the 3 of us sat lagi.
oh i cant waittt. :)

this is another happy Friday that i've been waiting for.

i miss someone's company. Fridays reminded me of him.

Let's Enjoy The Show.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

23rd July.
i started my day by waking up so late dan baru sedar
presentation for Puan Harithun's class tidak buat lagi.
out of 23 slides, baru buat 3. huish.
that explains why i was late for Papa Radzi's class.

normally at times like this, i always choose my white
orang kampung baju kurung, yes, that's what Mr Burn
panggil baju kurung itu. suka hati je. that baju kurung is
my fav for so many reasons.

but one thing for sure sebab tak perlu iron.
luckily i still have one white tudung.
sarung my fav leopard sandal and blah pegi
Papa punya class.
sampai class and masa present for
week 5 tu, dia pangkah habis-habisan
and buat KB and i rasa nk mengamuk.

23rd July, it's H's bday.
Happy 19th Birthday H.
same age like mine.
hope u like the number 19 as much as
i love being a 19-year-old teenager . being old isnt that easy.

may all your dream comes true.
oh and not to forget may u find your true
happiness as that is what u've been wanting for so long.
may u be blessed dear friend.

just so u know i'm still here for you to share
your problems, thoughts and all. we're still friends after all.
u know how to reach me if u want to.
oh and yeah, pls do not hesitate.

Happy Birthday once again.
i continued my day yesterday by waiting
for my gfs balik from pasar mlm.
i was craving for nasi kerabu and luckily Elley
was there to buy me one.
yes, i didnt go for an unreasonable reason,
but weyh, u've tried my patience darling.
u better be careful next time.
oh that is another different storyy.
i realized that kerusi dekat badminton court
di blok Budi is one comfortable place for you to
sit and relax.
i did. and it feels good.
oh except for the fact ada kucing-kucing yang
tak malu nk duduk sekali, scaryyy.
my 23rd July was not really awesome like others.
but at least it meant a lot for my dear friend who celebrated
his big day on this date.
i wish u well in life, man.
May Allah grant us all goodness herein and hereafter.


It's a place I've never been.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

to have the girlfriends around is so blissful.
they may not solve any of my problem, but they listened.
all i need is a bunch of people who can listen.
thank you lifesavers sekalian.

i complain a lot, lately.

sometimes i may hesitate to share certain matters,
but they actually knew it before i am about to tell.
they can read minds.

i do keep secrets from the girlfriends but utk kesekian kalinya, i failed.

to have a bestie who is willing to check my pidato text
eventhough he has tonne of other things to do is so so so
wonderful, really.
i dun find it easy to have someone yang senang nk reach,
you just have to type "wey bila free?".
he's always like this "now. call selkom".
a sengal yet sgt baik bestie.

Papa Radzi, u need to thank my dearest bestie.

to see and accompany one of my girlfriends doing things
she loved most made my day.
KT, i'm sure u're happy too.
glad to see KB bergembira dengan Bo and Cat
petang td.
entah, it's just we know that KB deserve the chance of being together
with the other yang ada same interest.
Bilal and Syafiq sangat fun to be with.
serious x tipu.
KT, i love the pengantin song very much.
eventhough we have zero knowledge regarding
apa yang KB buat td, tp i enjoyed our nyanyi
session sambil iring diorang, sangat.

i love my Monday.
and i'm grateful for everything i have.



In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

my high school friend, dDy wrote this at her ym status msg :

masin air lautan tidak mampu memasinkan isi ikan...tetapi, apabila ikan itu mati, secubit garam sudah mampu memasinkan isi ikan itu... itulah hati...selagi mana hati itu hidup dengan tarbiah Allah, hati itu takkan tergoda dengan nafsu dunia... tetapi bila hati itu mati, tiupan syahwah sudah mampu menggoyah keimanan...

it makes me thinking that no matter what happens, hati kena kuat agar tak cepat terpengaruh dengan
godaan duniawi, ya, walau apa pun. hidupkan hati dengan zikrullah.


Kecewa dengan hati yang selalu melatah awal, yang selalu kecewa. mengapalah?

"Kamu diwajibkan berperang (untuk menentang pencerobohan) sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya" (Al-Baqarah:216).

Jangan ditangisi apa yang bukan milikmu. *tenang*

Fly With Me.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i love my 3rd July.

because it's Friday, a happy Friday. well,for me that is.
can i have more happy Fridays?


You make it easier when life gets hard.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

duduk depan tv.
sambil lipat kain.
sambil menonton,
Man Utd vs Msia.
di rumah.

mesti seronok Kawan and the gang
tgk live kat Bukit Jalil.
jealous oh!
at least my camera ada bersama Kawan,
hantar wakil sudahlah.

Mak Lang baru sampai from Batu Gajah.

too bad Wann's not around.
Kak Ti misses you weyh.
thought of visiting her in Seremban esokk.
with the whole family of course.
driving license, masih belum.
pernah jugak berangan nk visit tkc naik kereta
sendiri dan DRIVE sendiri.
buat masa sekarang, itu masih impian.

i love Bandar Baru Bangi.
aman dan harmoni.
the place where my heart belongs to.
i've gone through a bad week, starting from
isnin hari tu, so i guess i'll be sedikit tenang
selepas pulang ke Bangi.

it's very nice to have your Ummi and Abah
at times like this.
bila serabut, at least i know i do have one getaway
to be free for a while.
i'm blessed for having them around as Cheras to Bangi
adalah sekangkang anak kera jauhnya.

i love my life.

hari esok siapa yang tahu.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i love my new room, ground floor.
dekat dengan washing machine
and water cooler.
i love the roomie.
i'm okay with the jirans.

something happened and
i may not be in the same room
with my beloved roomie anymore.
that's my worst monday so far when
i first knew the news from KT.

sometimes i choose not to cry but
too bad masa tu pms so i cried,
dengan teruknya. blame the hormones.


called Abah for his advices.
that was my first time asking Abah's
opinion regarding this matter. before this,
Ummi is my first option.
but realizing that Ummi might be having
meeting dan mungkin busy,
i chose to call Abah.
it worth every second.
i feel more relaxed.

until now, it's good to know pindah-pindah ni mcm xjadi.
we'll see about it next week.


after balek from Pangkor, rasa mcm
xsedap badan. i started my monday by having
pj. without taking breakfast and gamogen.


there were a few more incidents happened this
week but it's good to keep them by myself.
i do share my stories with those i trust.
i'm grateful bcs there're always there to listen.
i'm so weak when it comes to that particular thing.

Elley was so baek ajak mkn kat kfc together,
it's a date kan? :)
tq for the tissue anywayy.
tq for temaning me at tiang bendera mlm hari tu.
i do appreciate all your words.
i'm not tough like you, i really am.

tq for the time spent.
i really enjoyed your company darl.
it's good to have that precious chance to sit
and have some discussions with you coz we
dun get the chance selalu.

Justify Full


tq friends and gfs for being the nicest creatures on earth.
i do appreciate you guys' presence in my life.


Abah collapsed kat office semalam.
i was so worried.
Abah janji nk ambil kat Cheras pukul 10
so i waited until Ummi called telling me
about Abah's condition.
Abg Sin's in KL dat time, dia yang ambil
petang tu.
he's on his one week cuti because H1N1
sdg tersebar dekat uitm melaka.
lendu people sedang bergembira cuti.
about 5 students positive H1N1,
hope everything will be just fine.

now Abah dah okay.
dah boleh drive hantar Ummi pergi
Ampang dah pon.

Oh Allah, pls take good care of my beloved parents.
pls give them enough strength.


i've made up my mind.
byebye masa lalu.
it has come to an end months ago actually,
it's just i was so weak to accept the fact,
the real fact.
i'm not blaming anyone but myself.

kenapalah susah sangat nk get over weyy?
wake up Ezzati.

u need to move on, NE oi.
memories memories.



of Raja Rimba and Pulau Pangkor. :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Bina Insan Guru was super fun :)
except for the fact yang asyik hujan and tent bocorr.
oh and yeah, semakin hitam. haih!

enjoyed the time spent with kumpulan 4 very much.
aumm! :)
*aksi korek tanah, di bawah dan di atas*
raja rimba. :)
i had fun, seriously. :))

kayak=mabuk laut sebentar,
kembara=i have my lifesaver that day,haha.
both best.
persembahan kumpulan?
tp xpe, yang penting gembira.

it's good to know that i can adapt with those
friends from rbt2. it's amazing.
they're good and helpful.
i'm grateful.
it's depressing to know pada mulanya perihal xsama group
dengan sengal friends, girlfriends and classmates
lama dan baru,
but at the end of the journey,
i realized that it's good to try something new.
i've made friends.
share lawak sengal all the way.
bnyak dpt belajar dengan mereka-mereka
yang lain dari kita.
this big taught me a lot.


oh anyway, i was so terharu baca what
Elley wrote in her note book.
too bad we're not in the same group.

didnt bring my camera so did KB.
kitorang tumpang camera ramai orang and dah buat
camera Nemo and Fatherr mcm camera sendiri.

thanks to Elley sbb bawak phone ber-camera, hehe.
boleh jugak menumpang kasihh. :)

and this is my fav picture of us :

this big was super duper fun for me because of their presence.


Pulau Pangkor. Wuhuu.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Pulau Pangkor, here i come.
8am. Thursday until Sunday.

no, i'm not excited.
it's so menyampah to know how weak i am.
yes, lenguh kaki is the most menyampah part of all.
but then, i'll try my best.
sudah pack gamogen and a few ubat+minyak.
so i hope i can survive.

ya Allah, permudahkan segala urusanku dan rakan-rakanku.

the fact that i still have my gfs and friends to buat lawak
gives me keriangan utk pergi.
well at least, sengal sengal pon, naseb baek berguna.

my parents came to hantar my sleeping bag tadi.
yes, i do have backache so i guess i really need
that sleeping bag of mine.
it's a relief to know Abah agak rajen utk hantar.

Adah berkenan dengan my kasut putih getah.
haha. if she knows how much we sacrificed just to buy
that type of shoes for aktiviti air, she'll definitely
gelak x ingat dunia.
lenguh kaki plus sejuk gila semalam.
oh kasut getah, u made us lepak at the surau velo!

si Bestie called for 4 tyms already tp aku tak angkat.
i was so busy kemas bag for esok.
guilty gila weyh.
nk call sekarang, tp sah2 la dah tido.
he needs to go to school and classes start at 7.20am.
he's a f6 student, remember?
so i guess i'll just text him before pegi Pangkor.
huhu. pity him. dia mesti nk share his thoughts regarding PPSMI results.
that intelectual bestie never gives up on sharing new information
with his endah-tak-endah friend ni. huhu.

...kerana bina insan guru oh.

i hope everything will be just fine.

i quote my friend :

yang penting kena bersemangat.

tq for being there at times needed. i appreciate your presence in my life.

p/s : cuak la nk berkayakkk. huah.


i wonder if you have the same dream too.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

rasa macam tipu diri sendiri. sedih gila. no words can ever describe the reason why i feel so bad about it. i'm not that weak. so yeah, i'll make it thru like i always do.

the feeling is so like chipsmore, come and go, sesuka hati. i'd love to let it go, forever. pls.

i just need to hate you. enough said.


i love my Friday.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

an extraordinary Friday for me i must say.
why is it so? :)

i love the company. the movie. the subway dinner. the baskin robin ice cream eating session sebelum pulang.
monorail, lrt, cab, berjalan kaki. arcade time!. lepak-lepak. the day's name. everything.

i appreciate every single thing very much.
it's awesome. enough said. may Allah bless that friend of mine.

friends forever. cliche gila. haha.

eventhough cuti sem sekangkang anak kera sekejapnya (dia punya cuti sem,not mine.) dia manage utk catch things up dan spend masa utk bergelak ketawa bersama rakan.


dan sejurus pulang, dapat join gfs for Nur Kasih Date pula.
sungguh awesome, bukan? :) i'm grateful for having a set of caring gfs. :) sila jgn sepi hari sabtu dan ahad ini ya gfs sekalian.

pagi tadi sambutan hari guru (paling meriah abad ini), terhibur sungguh
dengan nyanyian, burung dari kotak diterbangkan dan segala.
dengan perangai Encik radzi yang excited sangat pasal lucky draw adalah lawak of the day.
Didiey asked me to record their dikir. Aji Duda too, their drama.
sila imagine, sungguh lenguh.
tp bak kata Tok Ayah, bandingkan kelenguhan dengan nilai persahabatan.
huhu. i dun mind. panda saing! haha.

tengah hari duk melalak lagu guru pembina negara bangsa kat bilik Elley.
KB kata lagu tu mcm lagu nasyid.
vokalis terunggul semestinya KB, disusuli oleh KT. (pada masa itu sahaja, kot)
Elley went to toilet masa tu, kalau tak, sah2 la bertambah merdu.
fun fun fun.

di malam hari, tetiba ada dua orang budak hitam, haha,
singgah lepak depan blok Budi dan sembang2 sampai muak.
while waiting for Abang Sin to come, i joined them dan duduk
membuang masa dengan Tok Ayah and Didiey dengan lawak2
sengal yang tak pernah putus. sengal berganda. and this is serious.

Abang Sin came to Cheras, (datang ambil as Abah was too tired td) .
Abah and Ummi suruh join hari keluarga kat Cyberjaya esok pagi.
nak tak nak, i just need to balik Bandar Baru Bangi this weekend,
again. no biggie, semakin hari semakin sayang. luckily Abang masih
ada utk jadi driver. just tell him to ambil, he'll definitely come, walaupun di malam hari.

ini juga awesome kan?

friends, gfs, family.

i love my Friday.