let's spell LOVE <3

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

my favourite kiddo i met during raya. his name is Farhan Danish. sweet lil boy.

sepupu Abah punya anak. :)

his father ckp Farhan Danish susah nk ambil gambar dengan sesiapa pun and he impressed for the fact that Farhan Danish nk ambil gambar dengan me. hehs. i have so many pictures with him. told you i like kiddos. and nampaknya kids like me too, hehs :)

i am very garang but you know when you love someone/something, the soft side inside you will appear no matter how hard u keep them before.

She's Electricccc.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i dun feel bad for the fact that i have to go back to Cheras esok. and at the same time, i'm not happy pon. entahlah, i have no feeling for the time being.

yang penting malas nk pack barang. itu paling pasti. i'm done with my MAB. tunggu nk print je lagi, esok kat Cheras. Alhamdulillah. and i really hope what i did menepati apa yang Puan H nak. insyaAllah, i've tried my very best dah so yeah, wtv happens nnt, tak kisah lah.

nak sambung buat Literasi Bahasa. lepas tu nak tido.

Musika Hati <3

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Gantung
2. Sepi
3. Apa Artinya CInta
4. Denting
5. Ketika Cinta Bertasbih
my all time fav songs i must say. hehs. i do have reasons
on liking each and every song :)
i always love Abang's tshirts and for now, this is the coolest one i guess,
cz it (the camera print on the baju) looks so real.
Abang dah balik Melaka.


and now i'm talking about surviving.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

rasa nk nangis lah buat CPA ni. and i am too lazy to cuba dan terus mencuba.
okeh MAB, mls gilaaaaa. serious ni. Gagne punya part mls nk sambung. last part for report. go Ezzati.

omg, literasi bahasa yang nak kena tambah tu tak buat lagi.
syabas, tak kemas baju and perkakas (haha) utk balik Cheras. oh oh.

boleh tak nk raya lagi? sama mcm Halley punya wish.

i guess i need inspiration, i mean that kind of inspiration. :/ Ezzati jgn la nk perkara-perkara merepekkkkk. i will survive, like i always do (Alhamdulillah), insyaAllah.

Oh Allah, pls give me enough strength to get through segala benda. :')

Auni ONN; i wish u well, Darling <3

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


Good Bye Onee Sayang!

glad we have met before kau fly hari tu. too bad i dun have company to go to klia to send u off. i am very sorry. you know, i feel bad sbb tak hantar rakan-rakan seperjuangan. cheh. :)

i hope u're enjoying yourself there. have fun studying. send me postcards sometimes ;) take care honey. pls keep us updated with your life by updating your blog. nnt give me your uk phone number tau!

i wish you well. future teacher :) love youuu!


Raya 2009 M/1430 H.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Salam Aidifitri to everyone. i had so much fun on Raya. be it at Teluk Intan, Chenderong Balai to be exact or Kuala Kangsar, i love both places very much.

you see, raya is the time where your family gathers and have fun together. balik kampung is super fun but the fact yang kena kemas bag, pilih baju apa nk bawak, kira-kira cukup atau tak tu yang tak fun nya. hehs.

kalau asyik complain pon payah Ezzati oi. haha. i'm grateful for the big family i have, seriously. being the eldest cousin perempuan at Ummi's side added so much fun. my cousins love to play with their Kak Ti. double joy. :))

i love Kuala kangsar for the fun, for the cendol and for the laksa especially. :) believe it or not, during my 3 days stay there, i ate 8 pinggan of laksaaaaa. heaven! :)

i love Kuala Kangsar for its Kedai Kain Lim too, eventhough i do not shop there, tp kemeriahan yang dilihat tu sangat menarik. there are 3 kedai Lim in Kuale itself, uish, hebat kan.

i went to Ipoh (visit Ummi's cousin, jalan raya ramai-ramai, 3 cars with so many kiddos, peningg gila), tempat tumpah darah. lalu depan STAR and it reminded me of Chonk. haha. old boy star weyh. not to forget, it reminded me of my lil brother too, Farid. :) oh i miss that lil bro of mine, my one and only lil bro :).

not to mention, Abah brought us to Kellies Castle, Batu Gajah, near Mak Lang's place. i had so much fun with Adah and Wann. Ummi and Abang tak ikut cz Abang got other plan with Pak Yan and Ummi pergi visit Mak Cik Suyah with her siblings. so Abah pon bawak jalan-jalan. he chose Kellies Castle as it has its own unique history. and Opah has been telling me to go there sbb dia dah pergi dengan Mak Lang hari tu, so i agreed to follow Abah that day.

i love the castle tp scary sikit lah cz the castle tak pernah disiapkan, sbb ada masalah pekerja-pekerja pembinaan tiba-tiba diserang penyakit misteri. bla bla bla. i love the travel guider, eventhough i suck big time in History tp the way he terangkan mmg best. hehs.

i want my own castle tooooooooo! okeh enough.

i love Chenderong Balai for the fact that i have to learn basuh pinggan dengan sangat laju, buat itu ini. haha. i love the fun too. it's just cousins Abah's side banyak lelaki, mcm tak suit nk main dengan Kak Ti. lagi pon they got their own plans already. huhu.

Mak Long tak balik this year cz she's now kan ada her own big family. she is a grandmother dah now, with 2 cucu. aww. and dah nk dapat the 3rd one, Usayd's. i'm happy for Usayd and her wife. i wonder how it would be when my Abah has its own big family nnt. haha.

raya is raya after all. maaf zahir batin everyone, i meant it, wholeheartedly. oh and um raya is when i eat like there's no tomorrow, cheh, laksaaaa, mee rebuss, kuah kacang, soto, and so much more. lemak raya (as what my KW defines it) berganda gila and it's good bcs i dun feel bad about it. my weight sah2 increase gila tp so what, the most important thing of all is that i am happyyy :)

u see, i have wasted my time bersedih dari dahulu kala, knowing unwanted things happened here and there lah segala which made me sad. my girlfriends have witnessed it all. so, during Ramadhan, i got the chances to do some reflection that happiness comes with a package; smile and faith. so yeah people, smile more and have faith in yourselves that no matter what happens, we'll make it through. :)

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone.
buang sahaja yang keruh dan jangan berpatah balik,
ambillah apa sahaja yang dijamin jernih untuk kebahagiaan bersama.


In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

“Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.”

Ethel Ethel, the lucky princess.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

nk jadi mcm Ethel, bertuah.

akan rindu perasaan risau nk siapkan popup. haha

can i have my own version of Harrogate? pls!

you give me hope.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

got a raya card from Aslm and it made my day.


got a text msg this evening saying that the sender will be bck home on friday
put a smile on my face. at least, that person still ingatt me. hehs.


the fact that someone called me last night when i was having
keserabutan yg amat sangat, calmed my heart.


i spell the word happiness in my own way.

happy hols people. will balek kampung esok.
oh perakkk.

browse through fb td. i'm happy to know Mckenn is enjoying her life and Qern is busy preparing herself for Aberdeen.
i miss my teammates. may Allah bless them. :)

hari tu beddie 05 berangkat to Kolar, India. last two days, deskie 05 bersama Ayie, hehs, Paqin pergi UK. Moffat pon dah pergi.

kwn sekolah rendah, Iqah pergi Ireland esok. wahh, semua orang berangkat ke sana ke sini.

All the best people. :)


this innocence is brilliant.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

do u know how much i've been worrying about you
if i knew that u're sick?

do u know how much i care for you eventhough
we're not contacted each other for so long?

do u know how much it hurts not to say what
is inside me everytime i see you (eventhough i feel like saying
those things that matter)?

do u know how much i care for you? but i knw it would be better
if i dun show it to anyone, and i'll let my prayers to do so.

do u know how many times i recited yasin for you so that Allah ease you;
when u're having your big exams and all.

do u know how many time i've been asking myself about
the possible reasons on why u've totally changed?

you may not know anything and i dun think that
u'd love to know about what is happening to me.

i know u've totally moved on and live the life that
u're happy with.
and i'm glad you are happy, seriously.

i may have met a new fav person in my life who is always there,
i do have my fav girls around, i always have those supportive
besties all around the globe, i have my siblings everytime i need them,
i have my Ummi and Abah everytime i feel like crying. i do have them all.

but sometimes, what i need is you.

you've completed me once, dahulu kala. and i just miss the piece
which made me complete.

u're no one to me. but u've made yourself special to me.
yes i know, dahuluuu.

i know i have to move on, i know. and i am very sure about that.
but i need more time. pretty pls?

oh you, take care. just so u know u're not alone.
i'm here, always. it's just i have to be invisible.
for some reasons, rational reasons.

we're friends. we're not.
we may not have anything in common,
but i'm happy for you everytime u're happy of
your achievements and all.

u're one of a kind. and i believe that u're not just a typical guy
who did typical things.

u're special. pls behave like one.


sometimes, what u need is ubatt. haha

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i miss the good old days. :')
this is my persatuan ubat members : Ddy, Picka and me.
not in the pic : Mlat.

Ddy's ubat is her junior in UTP now. Picka has found her brand new ubat. haha. my ubat is now my bestie. terlupa pulak siapa ubat Mlat. well, i miss high school!

trust your heart.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

the route to love is our title for popup story book.
dun get us wrong, most of us are singles, it's just we're happy for
Harrogate to get the chance of meeting his soulmate, Ethel.

oh well, kalau mudah macam cerita fantasy nk jumpa soulmate,
i am sure by now dah xde andartu mahu pun bujang terlajak.

it's not easy you know. yeah.
to meet someone who satisfies you in every aspect is impossible.

but one day, you will find juga.
for now, mari observe dahulu siapa yang ada ciri-ciri awal dan note to myself;
perbaiki diri. be yourself.

people, create your own hobby, build your own confidence.
dun choose something because
other people have them. live your life for yourself.

life is all about being youu.

The Route to L.O.V.E

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

kerja banyak gila.
and the fact that i am not creative at all-
menyusahkan kerja dalam banyak perkara.

but i do believe that when there's a will, there's a way.
i'll make sure my group will do our very best, this is serious.
have faith people.

i'm glad the girls are always there,
the sengal friends are always there to buat lawak.
terima kasih kerana selalu ada.

walaupun lawak2 yang dikeluarkan kadangkala tidak
bersesuaian, haha.

oh well, denting by melly goeslow is my fav tune for the time being.
it's not i need someone to tenangkan lah or anything,
it's just sometimes i need attention. haha.

i had fun with my fam semalam dan kelmarin.
saba' and Q bistroooo :))
i just love the fact that i am a family girl. wee.

oh anyway, i love the fact that you're a nice guy.
oh man, i hope u won't change.
bcs i like you the way you're now.
glad to have a friend likee youu, seriouslyy.

petang ni Mussseyh nk datang buka sekali. oh bliss.
i so love batchmates date, we all do. kan Tong? :)

oh anyway, i met my friend from ipis bangi td depan cafe.
i first met him during kpm concert
last june.
ok, he still remember me. that's good. that is how a junior should
do, remembering seniors, like what we did masa kat bukit merbah duluu.
wtv. tiba-tiba pulakk. haha

i need enough rest, i need to mantain my rekod kehadiran.
although i am not that creative, at least i am a positive thinker.


hey youu.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i am happy to know that you are here, everyday.
it makes me smile, it's just i don't show it.



Sepi Hati Terjadi Lagi.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. Jibbitz bola 1 hilang! :( waaaaaaa. kesian satu bola lagi xde kawan.

2. rindu Wannnnn. menyesal tak bawak phone phone masa berbuka semalam, Wann called from Bukit Merbahhh. rinduuuu.

3. rinduu Skemm, sangatttt. :(

4. nak Saba', Cyberjaya for bbuka puasaaa. nk chicken Khabsah!

5. rasa mls pergi bazar (perasaan mls yang datang setiap hari), and i just don't know why. pelikk.

6. can't wait for si bestie to finish his exam, i just want another good listener, as soon as possible.

7. someone made a comeback setelah sekian lama, i'm glad bcs i appreciate the friendship very much and i can't afford untuk hilang sesiapa lagii.

8. met Mustika and Sofi kat velo semalam, they're my debatemates from mktb depan sana and it made me happy. haha.

9. 5th Sept is a big date for me for the past few years, tp this year agak suram, nk blame siapa? haha. i shud have faith in my own friendship, a lesson to learn.

10. kak N describes my gedikness as manja. haha. geliii.

11. i hope Didiey and Eysamuden tak jemu satu kumpulan yang agak banyak. haha.

12. i miss Abang, it has been a week since i last met him.

13. it's good to know Ummi is enjoying her career, walaupun selalu nampak Ummi tak larat.

14. Abah nampak semakin sihat tp jarang boleh control, selaluu nk makan baby lamb curry kat Q. haish.

15. i love the fact when Ummi chose E71 as her new handphone, adik beradik kepada my E63 sayang. ok, now, it is anak beranak, not adik beradik. :)

16. Mdm Chng gave this one koala bear kecik comel letak kat pencil tu, she bought masa pegi Aussie bila entah and i chose the red one, instead of blue. i was so sad when she said, "Someone chose the red one, too". omg, i shudnt give a damn anymore about sesiapa pun.

17. i enjoyed buat banner kemerdekaan with the others, walaupun tak seberapa. :)

18. puasa hari ni mcm over lesu. and i just don't know why.

19. Ya Allah, hindarkanlah aku dari melakukan apa2 perkara yang mendatangkan kemudaratan kepadaku dan juga kepada persekitaranku. Aminn.

20. i wish Adah to be more talkative than me, but she's more like Wann. am i beingg too talkative in the family or what? boring gila telefon rumah ckp sepatah dua kata je dengan Adah. haish. lawak pun ade.

21. diharapkan KB istiqomah dan sentiasa boleh menepis hasitan berbaur sakit hati dari mana-mana pihak. trust your heart, perempuan gila.

22. hopefully Didiey si Pres dapat bertabah dengan segala kecelakaan yang berlaku. u're one tough cookie i've ever known.

23. Elley, hope everything's just wonderful for your mum di Mulong sana, pray for her health, always. insyaAllah everything's fine.

i love Yuni Shara's sepi song. OST Sepi. :) and it is so sad to know my dvd Sepi sudahhh patahhh. oh nooo!


Sebelum Dan Selepas :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

have fun being Dua Puluh Tahun, sengals - president SS and ahli pending SS, haha. thank you for making my life more happening from day to day :)

sebelum hari jadi Budi ialah hari jadi Didiey.

selepas hari jadi Didiey ialah hari jadi Budi.


Happy Birthday Perempuan Gila (2nd Sept) dan Presiden Sengal (1st Sept)!