it's a Pi Day, people :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

credit to Google.

happy Pi day, people. wah Mathematician habis lah kan. :) tq to Google for the reminder. alah, if lambang Google tu tak berubah, sah2 la aku tak tau pun today's a Pi day or not. huhu :/

oh well, The Zon Hotel Jalan Ampang, wait for me and my friends tomorrow! :)

in life, i search for new experience each day. not to mention that i'm more positive these days. i don't mind about the holidays and what i'm gonna do during the 5 days P workshops and all cz i'll definitely go with the flow :)  i'll enjoy spending time there with Gha, Ikhwan, Ain and Shida, not to mention, with other participants as well. hihi.

Gha, my puppet partner and my konsert kpm-mate; we've been thru this so many time, let's make another one this time, shall we? Ikhwan, my puppet partner. Shida, my debate teammate. Ain, my blok Budi-mate. Perfect huh? :) Allah knows best. that's for sure. i bet they're all be a very good company throughout lima hari itu. :)

well obviously so many people around me has inspired me for the better. thanks for the inspirations, loves. :))

thank you Zura for always be there whenever wherever. we've separated level by level, but still, you are one person i can rely on to. :)

may Allah ease us during the lima hari seminar slash workshop. weeeheee.

it has been so long since i last updated my RH. i have a few stories to share : Leading Innovation Day, Temenggung, Larian Mesra, Wann and SBE. may i have time to update. insyaAllah i will. :)