bcs Allah knows best.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

  • i bought a new phone (kirim from Tipah sbb dia balik Ipoh, idk why i choose to buy phone comel from Ipoh, tanah tumpah darah kot, lol) sbb nk letak my beloved maxis number there. but too bad, the sim has expired :( so sekarang nak letak apa? :( and sayang gila number tu, tak cantik tapi bnyk gila memories. :( haih.
  • Wann is a bit upset abt something. being a very shy and senyap younger sister of mine, she tak pernah pandai tunjuk her true emotions. until i went to her fb page just now. yes, interviews and scholarships issues. kids nowadays ramai dah pandai sangat so yeah, eventhough she got a good results, it's so difficult even to qualify for interviews. mungkin rezeki belum tiba. Allah knows best, Wann. jgn bersedih. :)
  • Elley, thank you for being my roommate for the weekend, it's nice having you around, like the good old times. rasa ralat gila u're no longer here tonight, sobs.
  • ada inter-block program this weekend, sigh. nasyid pulak tu. teringat RED house. :) i so wanna meet Halley and Skemmy. HOW? i hope i can go. cz i MISSSSSS them. hello Halley balik from Kolar kot, and dah 7 months tak jumpaa. Skemm lagi la, duduk di bumi permai yang sama, tapi kurang masa nak jumpa. mmg kena jumpa this time. moga-moga ada idea bernas macamana nak pergi Ipoh Sabtu ni! i wish i have a driver for us utk pergi sana. lol

too many things happened, baik di sekeliling mahu pun di mana saja. i hope i can survive, like i always do. InsyaAllah.


of wonderpets and wonderful. :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

i feel like uploading gambar-gambar ni. random i know.

my BIG wouldn't be this happy without you guys. i know this is quite sentimental but i can't imagine life without wonderful people like you guys.

mungkin korang lagi sengal than wonderpets but you guys are wonderful friends.


yeah, and we're talking abt loyal companions.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

my classmates. they are SUPER SENGAL, but no worries they are NICE. and i'm grateful they're my classmates, no kidding.

i meant it. thanks boys and girls for being my great companions in class.

oh not to mention they're very LOUD, yes they are. lol


my weekend ramblings.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Anatomi dan Fisiologi punya test ganggu masa Adamaya on Tuesday nnt. lol.
how i wish i have a broadband. nak tgk Adamaya dekat everyday :( idk why tp rasa seronokkk gila if dapat tgk/dgr tv masa buat kerja. maybe i should have handphone from China macam Aya yang boleh tgk tv tu. sbb nak tgk She Wolf jugakkk. :)


i know this is random tapi now sebenarnya dah rasa cuak for the fact that practicum is like selang one semester je lagi. so many things to prepare. oh well, i hope for an easy-going partner for practicum, the rest tak kisah sangat (how nak pergi sekolah, ABM etc) sbb sharing of ideas is the most important thing of all.

tolong lah i hope at least one of my fav girls akan ada bersama masa practicum.

berbincang tentang masa hadapan nampaknya, Ezzzzzzzzzzzzatiiiii. YES.


kadang2 Allah selalu mudahkan mana-mana perkara yang kita rasa susah. oh well girls, i hope korang stick dengan decision tu sbb wahhhh it is such a happy feeling knowing that u guys have that kind of plan. tak payah susah2 aku nak merungkai permasalahan yang bakal berlaku kelak. GOOD JOB GUYS.

P/S :

Halley, can't wait for you to pulang ke tanah air. mktb aku ada program on your sister's wedding day but i'll usahakan. we'll see what i can do to meet youu. oh and i so wanna meet Skemmyyy tooo. :)

i misss boE toooo. i misss my bangimate AK, jugak. Adelaide people, come home, come home. :)

i still hope Abah boleh consider buying a second hand car (at least) for me. if it's not for keluar-makan-velo-with-my-girls purposes, pls know that i need driving practice. :)


Bila Rindu.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

went to KLCC Khamis tengah hari sampai petang sebab nak tgk Hooperz yang best tu. Adah lah yang duk suggest tgk Hooperz dari masa aku balik rumah last week sebab dia kata best, MMG BEST pon. sorry Adah, KakTie tgk dulu, nnt teman Adah if Adah nak tgk, jgn risau. hehe.

my grown up girls. urban, esmaralda and vee. if u get what i mean, lol.

yang penting bila naik level 4 and bila nampak Petrosains rasa rindu gila dengan inquiry workshop. idk why but rindu gila. dah lah masa naik teksi, teksi tu lalu sebelah The Zone, wuhuuu. rinduu. well, with all the memories and knowledge gained there sah-sah lah rindu kan. huhu :(

oh and i bought cupcakes for myself as penyeri hidup :) umm, no specific reason bcs i dun need one pon, it's just i want to make myself happy. yeay! :)

KT bought cupcakes too, for herself and Lindy for sure. hihi.

sah2 boleh differentiate mana satu box berisi cupcakes KT punya and which one is mine.

yang ada love and bunga ni sah2 lah KT punya.

mine! sedap! :)

KT and I menjadi pengunjung tetap utk 2 kali solat fardhu dekat surau ;

balik tu sempat pergi pasar malam with Ells and sempat tgk Adamaya yang semakin best tu. :) :) :)

Di keheningan malam, tafakur di kesyahduan.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah sekali lagi aku berjaya stay up sampai pagi, ni nak tunggu Subuh and sat lagi nak tgk balik apa yang tak siap lagi. tgk work on ISL and Tutorial PBD and BIG for semester ini, weeheee. Ells ada kat sini. dah overnight for 2 nights, cool huh. i have a roomie, well, for 2 days lah je kan.

semalam, we had our longest conversation ever, with KW and KB too. haha. well, interesting sgt lah kannn. favourite girls weyh. too bad KT dah dive awal, so yeah, only 4 of us bercerita isu-isu kehidupan, kadang-kadang relate lah jugak dengan apa yang terjadi sekarang, kadang-kadang tak, ada yang random sangat, ye, semua-semua lah. :)

Alhamdulillah PBD yang sangat liat nak buat tu dah berjaya dihantar pada tarikh yang dikehendaki, weeeeheee. no, i dun have any source from internet, lampiran 8 mmg lah sangat takde org nak upload. and i'm glad i dun copy any of my friend's work. it's so satisfying, Alhamdulillah. actually, i am inspired by the ideas of putting pictures on watak perwatakan. so you see little things pon dah boleh buat sesiapa pon ter-inspire for the better :)

Hubungan Etnik dah present dengan puas hatinya, well, walaupun dulu mcm malas gila nak siapkan essay, Alhamdulillah semuanya ok. sem ni mmg banyak cabaran, tp Alhamdulillah, kita ni hanya boleh niatkan dan buat yang terbaik, yang lain tu, selitkan dengan usaha keras and hope for the best. :)

cabaran kemalasan yang tak terjangka mmg paling tak boleh blah. aku still tak faham kenapa and apa masalah aku nak delay buat English Individual Task, liat sangat nak buat PBD Task 2, and malas sungguh nak siapkan essay HE sem ni. wahh teruk tp Alhamdulillah, semua tu dah dihantar. phewww. i shud learn something from this semester.

dah nak dekat azan Subuh, baiklah buat apa-apa yang patut. agaknya malas selama ni pon sebab jarang dekatkan diri dengan Allah. :/


thank you Sweethearts :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

it's a bit late i know but i feel that it's a must to show my appreciations towards dua orang perempuan ni. :)

thanks for the pre-birthday celebration :)

thanks for the day spent. oh and for the lovely birthday pressie too :)

you guys are among my wonderful girls i've ever had and i'm grateful for that. thank you for the thoughts of celebrating me on Saturday yang sumpah pack tu.

:) wonderful years ahead for all of us, InsyaAllah.

5.23 am in the morning.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

it's 5.23 am in the morning. i'm done with my English, yeay. a bit late from others oh and yes, just assume that i revised while doing every ISL and sbb tu lah slow, lol. i'm a bit slow lately but deep inside me i hope i can improve on the contents compared to my past semesters' English ISL.

Sistem Limfatik (my part) masih half way, sigh. i am trying my very best to translate segala informasi. well, i will continue doing it in few hours to come. tinggal nak translate and fahamkan, definitely. oh and i read my lampiran 8 already. it's time to analyse, people. but i have to get some sleep first.

Nytttto! oh umm, Morningg! :)

Semenjak kau hadir dalam hidupku, tiada lagi keresahan :)

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

...... lirik lagu Yang Terindah, OST Adamaya / I'm Not Single. :)

  • Adam, 24 years old knows how to cook. wow for that, better than Maya, ouch. haha
  • Adam loves photography but he's not obsessed with his hobby tu which makes him look very simple.
  • He's caring and charming, well  I mean the character lah for sure.
  • Maya, 21 is quite garang but she's cute!
thank you TV3 for having all 7 episodes so far :) boleh la tgk berkali-kali sambil buat Sistem Limfatik and check ISL English di rumah. :) the story is quite simple tp best. haha. untuk duduk dan tgk sambil tunggu Maghrib every petang kat hostel tu apa salahnya :) best and cuteeee.


omg 21 and 24. MUDA gila.