of Teachers Day and Thomas.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Google mmg toughtful. :)) happy teachers' day people. to my dearest cheras people, let's strive hard for the finals.

para guru Knights kesayangan, Tong, Onn, Musseyh, Aza, Deebah, IqaSham, Mius, Shipa Tabbie, to name a few, Selamat Hari Guru, girls. :)
personally i'm touched by Che Da and Halley's wishes, time flies so fast, dulu sama-sama students/rules breakers and now, i am the teacher myself, oh well you can say a future teacher, i have 2-3 years before grad. :)

and Halley gave me a new name : Cikgu Zaza. lol. cute and i dun know why i likeeeeee the name. hehe.

dearest maktabmates sekalian, it's a long way to go people, let's have fun and gain more knowledge here di bumi Cheras bertuah ni, iA.

i had two teachers' day celebrations today, one with super sengal friends (Didiey SS, Father, Zaki Kawan, Eysamuden, Nik Apik Tok Ayah, Naqib) and my dearest girls (KT, KW, Budd and Ells) at KFC Stadium. too bad the ayam goreng sangat pedas terus hilang selera makan. bila bungkus tu aku teringat R. lol


another one with my family, kononnya teachers' day celebration lah jugak, so we had dinner at Nandos Jusco Maluri, where else lah kan. sambil berbincang pasal Uber and Thomas. :) Congrats China. Lin Dan mmg tiada tandingan. oh you guys too, Fu and Cai. :)

Go Msia, improve pls. 1992 was like lama gila dah.

16th May this year is a meaningful one for me. i can't tell why is it so bcs i personally do not know the reasons. mungkin sbb the girls ada everytime they're needed and they are among the first persons to wish starting malam tadi, lepas tu makan KFC sama-sama. and lepas tu aku lepak bilik TV tengok Finals Thomas dengan penuh riang. entahlah, bcs this year is my third year here kot and plus, i've been to 3 schools so far for SBE, if naluri nak jadi cikgu tu takde lagi tak taulah nak buat macamana. lol.

thanks to those yang wish. i appreciated it very much.

Onn, tiba2 teringat ni : moga2 sekolah kita dekat2 nnt, senang lah nak lepak lepas sekolah, lol. miss you.


In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


:) i love happy ending, i always do.