In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Been writing since my teenage years. Obviously it was full of craps.

Not going through the posts but glad that i used to write a lot to ramble and to survive.

There were lots of conflicts when entering pre adult years. Well there were all memories.

Now i am married. We are blessed with one comel son. May Allah give us a lot ways to stay true to ourselves and change from the bad to good.

Amin ya rabbal alamin


Posting this because it was in my draft for nearly 8 years! Oh memoriessss.

mahsurii, sem I degree.

semua rumah sukan ada.

KB, KT, Elley, AT.

pulang dari pesta buku PWTC, sem II.

sem II.

KB, AT, KT. sem II.

block budii, sem I foundation.

Ellley, KW and Tong, faithful dormies, sem I.

sem I.

block E, sem I.

KB and KT mmg pelakon antarabangsa, sem III.

sem III.

apabila KT dah jumpa pelakon yang sesuai.

masa sem III, Sogo selalu dipersalahkan.

KW aka KL. :)

kemeriahan share 2 meja, 3 orang gemuk.

mdm chng's class, sem II.

Tong, KB, Ana, AT, Digha, KT, KW. after last paper sem II.

ekspedisi gunung sem II.

.sisters. lifesavers. girlfriends.

thank you for being around.

the friendship is so beautiful.


Sandakan with kids.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Our fifth year in Lahad Datu now. So as a new year resolutions, we promise to travel a lot esp in Sabah.

Bringing kids added lots of fun BUT obviously you need to prepare a lot.

Brought Anas to Sandakan and these places are the bomb I tell yaaaa

1. Labuk Bay
Got to see proboscis monkeys in front of your eyes. Best place, comfortable and affordable. 15ringgit per pax. You can go and watch proboscis monkeys at 2 platforms, watch the vids and of course.. take a lot of photos!! Enjoyable trip I must say. Bought a fridge magnet as our souvenir. Plan your schedule! Make the best out of it. There's a cafe. A normal one but comfortable enough, with air conditioner too. Good for kids and babies. Hehe. Love it!

2. Sepilok
Duhhhh. Why go to Sandakan without paying a visit to this place right? Got to see a few orang utans. Wonderful experience. There is this one mini museum. With air conditioner, so comfortable for mak2, bapak2 and babies of courseeee. But do not expect too much, sometimes you may not get to see a lot of them. But just grateful if you saw a few, ok?

3. Sandakan Memorial Park
Good for evening stroll. Love it. There is a mini museum as well. So you can read about the death march history while your baby does some reading as well. The park is nice for some jogging too. We love our time spent there.

4. Pasar Umum Sandakan
Bring your baby BUT you need to be patient. Not a baby-friendly place I must tell, only to buy some souvenirs should be fine. Go to the upper level to get your tshirt and others.

5. Shopping mall
Only went to Giant and Harbour Mall. So-so, just to get some stuff.

6. I Love Sandakan Giant Signage
This thing is located between Harbour Mall  4 Point by Sheraton. Anas took one photo for memories.

That's all about Sandakan. I would like  to recommend to stay at Sabah Hotel. So comfortable, worthevery penny. Anas had a lot of fun spending his time at the pool as well at the room bath tab too.

Sandakan was fun. Ot has a lot of makan places as well.

Just to recommend a few.

1. Medan Ikan bakar Sim-Sim, please go to Kedai Sederhana. The best I tell yaaaa

2. WCL, now known as Rumah Minum gitu. There are 3 branches, just choose. My choice would be the one at Bandar Prima. Bringing memories of the good old time. In 2013 when I first visited Sandakan, WCL was the best place to dine in. Now not so much. But still worth a visit i think.

3. Alice's Chinese Muslim dim sum
So syokkk! Quite pricey but worth the spending. Go try variety of dim sum. You will love it for sho

4. Other makan place will need to be explored soon

Till then.


Tips Temuduga HLP.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Semua ni berdasarkan pengalaman saya yang tak seberapa. Saja saya kongsikan untuk kenangan saya. Mungkin juga pedoman untuk orang lain yang tiba-tiba terbaca.

1. Seboleh-bolehnya cuba untuk hadir temuduga apabila telah disenarai pendek. Makluman dari Urusetia Temuduga hari tu, yang tak hadir tanpa sebab kukuh akan disenarai hitam.

2. Bersedia dengan kertas cadangan. Banyak baca jurnal, buku dll. Fahamkan apa yang dicadangkan. Rasional pemilihan dan lain-lain semua perlu ada dalam kepala. Memang takkan sempurna tapi kita perlu bersedia, walau apa ditanya, kalau kita faham, semua ilmu tu kita boleh gunakan apabila disoal.

3. Kalau diprovok dll tak perlu nak emosional. Teruskan menerangkan apa yang patut. Jika ditegur, terima dengan hati terbuka. Pokoknya, perlu ikhlas menyampaikan hasrat. Nak sambung belajar dan ditaja ni bukan mudah, tapi kita cuba jugak, mana tahu rezeki menyebelahi kita.

4. Akhir sekali, segala dokumen yang diminta perlu dibawa. Ikut apa yang disuruh. Setiap tahun macam sedikit berbeza, kita baca dan fahami lepas tu
bawa ikut apa kita selesa. Sijil berkaitan, pencapaian tertinggi, dll

5. Tanda nama dan blazer penambah seri. Kalau macam saya hari tu, semua tertinggal kalut bersiap. Tertinggal di rumah, jarak rumah ke KK lebih 400 km 😂 bersedia awal  jangan kalut macam saya.

Dah lepas temuduga, bertawakal apa adanya. Kalau ada rezeki, ada la coretan terkini dari saya nanti berkenaan HLP. Kalau tak, nantikan kemunculan semula lain kali hehe

Temuduga HLP Sesi Mei 2017

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah all went well. Knew that i am one of the candidates on Friday, flew to KK on Monday. The next day was the interview day. Wednesday - went back to Lahad Datu.

So packed but we managed to enjoy KK, went for the interview, shopped for Anas because there was a baby fair took place in Suria Sabah. Well spent holiday for omma, daddy and Anas, alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah all went okay. And i am grateful for the opportunity. This was my first time applying for HLP. My LNPT marks was not that good but i applied it anyway. Filled the online forms last March. I was told about the application by Mimsy. Thanks mims.

Got results for the short listed candidates on 22/4/3017 but i did not know about it. Checked on Friday 28/4, 😂 Alhamdulillah managed to prepare, completed the proposal and dear husband helped with filings.

Things that we need to bring to HLP interview actually was so simple. It is up to us to bring other certificates or not. Just make sure that you bring things that matter to you, and definitely will help you during the interview.

There were a few sessions per day, for Sabah. So i guess during my session, i have the calmest time preparing. It was supposed to have 7 candidates for the session but only 3 present that time.

2 candidates each time. So basically i left with myself alone. Got into the interview room all by myself.

I took about 35 minutes for the interview. Learnt a lot. The interviewers were all IPG lecturers, i somehow feel closer to them three. All went okay, i did not get emotional hahaha.

Got a lot to tell, till my next post inshaallah



In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

After 6 years, I believe that a comeback is needed. Everyone seems to be leaving blogspot, but here I am.. still trying my best to update.

Just to make this update a beneficial one, I would love to inform about I am preparing myself for HLP interview!!