Sandakan with kids.

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Our fifth year in Lahad Datu now. So as a new year resolutions, we promise to travel a lot esp in Sabah.

Bringing kids added lots of fun BUT obviously you need to prepare a lot.

Brought Anas to Sandakan and these places are the bomb I tell yaaaa

1. Labuk Bay
Got to see proboscis monkeys in front of your eyes. Best place, comfortable and affordable. 15ringgit per pax. You can go and watch proboscis monkeys at 2 platforms, watch the vids and of course.. take a lot of photos!! Enjoyable trip I must say. Bought a fridge magnet as our souvenir. Plan your schedule! Make the best out of it. There's a cafe. A normal one but comfortable enough, with air conditioner too. Good for kids and babies. Hehe. Love it!

2. Sepilok
Duhhhh. Why go to Sandakan without paying a visit to this place right? Got to see a few orang utans. Wonderful experience. There is this one mini museum. With air conditioner, so comfortable for mak2, bapak2 and babies of courseeee. But do not expect too much, sometimes you may not get to see a lot of them. But just grateful if you saw a few, ok?

3. Sandakan Memorial Park
Good for evening stroll. Love it. There is a mini museum as well. So you can read about the death march history while your baby does some reading as well. The park is nice for some jogging too. We love our time spent there.

4. Pasar Umum Sandakan
Bring your baby BUT you need to be patient. Not a baby-friendly place I must tell, only to buy some souvenirs should be fine. Go to the upper level to get your tshirt and others.

5. Shopping mall
Only went to Giant and Harbour Mall. So-so, just to get some stuff.

6. I Love Sandakan Giant Signage
This thing is located between Harbour Mall  4 Point by Sheraton. Anas took one photo for memories.

That's all about Sandakan. I would like  to recommend to stay at Sabah Hotel. So comfortable, worthevery penny. Anas had a lot of fun spending his time at the pool as well at the room bath tab too.

Sandakan was fun. Ot has a lot of makan places as well.

Just to recommend a few.

1. Medan Ikan bakar Sim-Sim, please go to Kedai Sederhana. The best I tell yaaaa

2. WCL, now known as Rumah Minum gitu. There are 3 branches, just choose. My choice would be the one at Bandar Prima. Bringing memories of the good old time. In 2013 when I first visited Sandakan, WCL was the best place to dine in. Now not so much. But still worth a visit i think.

3. Alice's Chinese Muslim dim sum
So syokkk! Quite pricey but worth the spending. Go try variety of dim sum. You will love it for sho

4. Other makan place will need to be explored soon

Till then.