Temuduga HLP Sesi Mei 2017

In The Name Of Allah, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillah all went well. Knew that i am one of the candidates on Friday, flew to KK on Monday. The next day was the interview day. Wednesday - went back to Lahad Datu.

So packed but we managed to enjoy KK, went for the interview, shopped for Anas because there was a baby fair took place in Suria Sabah. Well spent holiday for omma, daddy and Anas, alhamdulillah.

Alhamdulillah all went okay. And i am grateful for the opportunity. This was my first time applying for HLP. My LNPT marks was not that good but i applied it anyway. Filled the online forms last March. I was told about the application by Mimsy. Thanks mims.

Got results for the short listed candidates on 22/4/3017 but i did not know about it. Checked on Friday 28/4, 😂 Alhamdulillah managed to prepare, completed the proposal and dear husband helped with filings.

Things that we need to bring to HLP interview actually was so simple. It is up to us to bring other certificates or not. Just make sure that you bring things that matter to you, and definitely will help you during the interview.

There were a few sessions per day, for Sabah. So i guess during my session, i have the calmest time preparing. It was supposed to have 7 candidates for the session but only 3 present that time.

2 candidates each time. So basically i left with myself alone. Got into the interview room all by myself.

I took about 35 minutes for the interview. Learnt a lot. The interviewers were all IPG lecturers, i somehow feel closer to them three. All went okay, i did not get emotional hahaha.

Got a lot to tell, till my next post inshaallah