5th year.

This year marks my fifth year of teaching in Sabah. Dont know how many years left til i can be at home.. so i guess i got to do what i should.

Being a teacher in a school with no cf, no electricity, no proper water supply and not understanding admins for me I survived!

Eh no, i am surviving.. so how do i survive if i ever being asked... it is about the people i love wholeheartedlu.. met my other half at school. He came a day later (during posting) and the rest is history. Got married and blessed with one comel son.

Tak boleh pandang enteng takde elektrik please. Sbb cuaca mashaallah, soooo hot and humid. In classroom, everywhere mashaallah i need a comfortable environment seriously. Did i get it? Of course not.

Pupils here? Haha. Let's keep it to myself..

Till then, i have a lot to ramble but i guess, soon i'll write more.