Ramadhan as a mother.

This year is my 2nd year fasting, cooking and preparing meals for sahur as a mother. Alhamdulillah.

Things are great Alhamdulillah. I am able to rest while taking a good care of anas. He was down with fever early ramadhan since i was at labok and bangi. Syukur for the great support system..

The weather in semenanjung was too hot and we definitely need aircond. It caused flu and later we found out anas was having a fever. He got excited with atok's pool too, that's why. Haha

Didnt get a chance to tarawih at masjid just yet. Inshaallah ada rezeki ke masjid jugak kami.

So how was ramadhan as a mother? Tiring yet satisfying..

Those who know me know my cooking skill. Level bawah tanah i tell you. But jn ramadhan i have the urge to cook because i want pahala. Eventhough i was having my menses last week, i still wake up during sahur to be a good company to my hubs at the hotel and cook for him at home.

Anas sometimes woke up and sahur with us. Later he sleep and off we go to school.

Woke up at 3.30 to cook. Prepared a bit the night before and paratha naan really help me. Hihi.

So i cooked and tried so hardddd seriously. I know it is the effort that Allah swt see. Jannah is all i hope..

Ayam percik, ayam tak jadi. Tak bakar elok sangat. Need to work harder on this. Kuah percik mcm jadi. So i will stick to the recipe. Thank you google!

Nasi goreng. Added sayur sayur and goreng ayam too. Makan dengan keropok jugak. Jadi la kan.

Bayam kuah. 2 kali. Habiskan bayam haha. Celur bendi.

Telur dadar. Ikan masin keropok

Tomyam ayam dan sayur sayur sayur.

Love it all.. for sahur. Beli paratha  naan instant. Ada hari bakar ayam and make it foldover. Ada hari cicah susu manis.

Life is great. Cuma nak kena sabar sbb need to myself, yayang and anas too.

Need to cook lunch as well. For anas sayang hihi. In ramadhan. Hahaha. Kalau tak larat, mmg ketar kaki laaa haha

So what's next

Spagetti bolognese with meatballs
Nasi ayam
Nasi lemak

Wait for it.. kihkih